Apperance Edit

She has Curly ginger hair, and penatrating blue eyes.

Story Edit

She is a physic who appears on cable TV, claiming to have helped a greiving mother speak to her dearly departed child, She's helped a long lost twin become reunited with his earth bound brother and she knows what is unknowable. Her hometown is Valentine, Nebraska. She has a program called Above and Beyond, that Marnie happens to catch, and begins to wonder if she could somehow speak with her mother. Aroua is constantly hoping she'll appear on channel four eleven. She acctually has some real power though it is rather small. But, strong enough so that when she uses her physic cards at exactly eleven o'clock and draws out four elevens it causes a disruption that allows Toledo to return! From then on some of her predictions seem to have something to do with clocks. She meets Marnie and Kyle since Marnie's grandpa got a job as a security gaurd. She can tell that Kyle is a sajutarius and that marnie's birthday is the elventh of the eleventh just like hers. Their meeting is interrupted when Becky gate-crashes the whole thing. She then leaves in annoyance that Kyle won't go to the mall with her and that her rival, Marnie is there. She seems quite interested in the shoebox zoo She asks Becky, before she leaves, if she can get her some more insects! Later, during her show she gets a message for Marnie, she only got one word out, "Wolfgang!" then she fainted. 

She and Becky go to the Pow Wow, with Becky complaining she has to do all that hippy-dippy stuff. Then she spots Kyle and goes off to talk to him, Aroua thinks is just brilliant. She later finds her duaghter by the Native american antique stall, Becky wants to buy the shoebox zoo, who got lost and accidentley ended up on the for sale counter. The stall owner says their worth $500, Aroua says she'll only pay $250 to which the man agrees. But then Marnie comes along and tells them they can't have them, she runs off with the Dexters in pursuit. Marnie mesteriosley vanishes around the men's changing tent, Becky leaves in confusion. Aroua meanwhile takes a peep into the men's changing tent, somewhat amused by what she sees.

Toledo, after his victory in killing Michel Scot, sees Aroua's show and notices she is the second chosen one, so he rings her up as Robert Jhon, vice president of production channel four eleven and arranges to meet her in his suite. She arrives in the suite which is completely white, "Jhonny" asks her to sit down. He starts to talk about plans for her new show Above and Beyond the Beyond. She starts to relax, and Toledo hypnotizes her. He takes over her body.