Generator 001

The woodshed that houses the generator


Marnie faces the generator

Generator 003

The generator at full power

Generator 004

Marnie trapped by the generator's evil magic

The generator appeared in the second season as a sort of guard for the Book of Forbidden Knowledge, which was buried beneath the woodshed that housed the generator. When Marnie returned to her home in Denver, her grandfather showed her the generator, which he called 'Jenny' and which he had recently cleaned up. However, Marnie sensed something evil about the machine, having feared there was a ghost in the woodshed when she was younger, but kept it to herself. As time passed, the evil magic within the Book reached out through the generator, plaguing Marnie's mind with visions of darkness. In these visions, the generator seemed to become a living thing, sprouting tentacles that wrapped around Marnie & corrupted her. In order to help her, Nathaniel the Medicine Man attacked the generator with an axe, though it attempted to fight back, he was able to seemingly disable it for good. However, when Marnie later found and witnessed the Book being taken by Aurora Dexter, under the control of Toledo, the generator came back to life and, in an attempt to kill Marnie, trapped her in the woodshed & blew itself and the woodshed to pieces. Marnie was able to escape however, and was teleported to the Falls of Faith.