Hunter is a wooden horse Marnine and The Shoebox Zoo meet in the 2nd season. He is brought to life by the power of Nathaniel the Medicine Man(later on Kyle). Hunter is capable to transform into a real horse, as he is a spirit. Hunter is a bit clumsy, as seen in his debut when he spills a glass of red wine on a table in Michael Scot's chamber. Hunter is the Spirit of the Horse Dance, as he describes in his opening line, along with many other things. He says his opening whenever he meets someone new, his most famous quote being "And the guy that just... (e.g. spilt red wine all over your table!)". In the end, Hunter gives up on his opening lines when he first meets Wolfgang and bands the Shoebox Zoo together to help destroy the book, even though they realise they'll be imprisoned in their present forms for good. He is last seen watching Marnie celebrating her 12th birthday before galloping back to Nathaniel.