Name Rosemary McBride (nee Campbell)
Nicknames N/A
Species Human
Occupation Unknown, appears as a spirit.
Gender Female
Age 30-40's (deceased)
Abilities Can appear as a spirit.
Weaknesses Unknown
Actor Unknown


Rosemary McBride was the mother of Marnie McBride and the wife of Ross McBride and was the one who originally found the Shoebox Zoo. When Marnie was eleven she died of cancer and Ross took their daughter to live in Edingburgh, Scotland where Marnie untinentionally finds the Shoebox Zoo in a junkshop where Michael Scot appears to be the owner. Unlike Marnie, Rosemary was unable to wake the Shoebox Zoo in spite of Marnie's insistence that she should've completed the Quest and bring them back to their original human form. From then onwards, Rosemary appears as a spirit in order to help her daughter in the Quest. In the last episode of series one, Rosemary tells Marnie that the Book she found was a fake and was created in order to protect the real one. Marnie tells this to the Shoebox Zoo, much to their horror who long to return to as they originally were. She appears only in series one and in series two is often mentioned by Marnie and her family. Rosemary often tells her daughter not to be afraid. Marnie discovers that it was Rosemary who cast the original book into the ocean and has ended up in America. In the opening episode of series two, Marnie visits her mother's grave while on her way to visit her grandparents in order to talk to her about When Michael Scot dies after being killed by Toledo the Shapeshifter, an upset Marnie asks Michael if he sees her mother to tell her that she loves her and misses her. Michael reveals that Rosemary already knows. In series one it was mentioned that Rosemary was good at drawing, a fact that Ross mentions to Marnie when he finds out that his daughter has won a painting competition and thinks that she must've gotten the ablity from her mother. Michael reveals this Marnie when she discovers paintings that her mother has done of the Shoebox Zoo. Marnie becomes angry and thinks that the Zoo lied to her and that she did know them - but Michael insists that they didn't and her Mom simply didn't have the power to awake them. He says that it left a deep sadness inside her. Michael says that even her could not have been able to cure her mother of dying from cancer and says that he won't stand by and watch the same thing happen to Marnie.

Personality and appearanceEdit

Rosemary McBride often has appears as a spirit in order to help her daughter in the Quest. She is shown to have blonde hair and blue eyes and was still quite young when she died of cancer. She is often seen wearing different clothes such as white robes in Mother's Footsteps but is mainly wearing dark heavy robes.